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Whether you were referred to our office from one of our satisfied patients, a wonderful fellow physician, or even Google, we are confident that you are in the right place, and we can’t wait to help you. As you are reading this, please make note of our logo — it is a combination of a compass and cairns. It’s important for us that you understand why this logo is a great representation of our practice. There are a number of influences that may guide a patient to our clinic. We view this journey to discovering our clinic as a rite of passage. Many patients feel as if they have exhausted their resources in their attempts to find real solutions to their health challenges, leaving them feeling “lost.” Both our practice and our logo have enjoyed 23 years of success in providing wayward patients with direction and fundamental principles that help guide them to what they are searching for. We refer to this as a map, made to reliably lead patients to achieve their desired level of health. Although health is often an elusive destination, Dr. Nelson helps patients understand where they are in their journey and determines any changes which need to be made in order to continue working towards being in a healthier place.

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Meet Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson has nearly 20 years of experience integrating the latest advances in medical science with the time-honored therapies of Naturopathic Medicine. He is an expert in: opiate, heroin and alcohol addiction, acupuncture, non-surgical joint and back pain, fatigue due to thyroid and adrenal disorders, bio-identical hormonal pellet therapy for men and women, medical weight loss, and traditional Naturopathic Medicine.

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Paths to Addiction Recovery

Naltrexone Pellet / Vivitrol Injections

Naltrexone is an FDA-approved drug that has been used safely for many years. Once inserted, our compounded pellets slowly and steadily release the medicine into the bloodstream, effectively blocking opioids from acting on the brain.

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The Bridge Device

The Bridge is an FDA-cleared device pioneered by Innovative Health Solutions, Inc. to help target acute and chronic pain. It is designed to be used in association with physician-guided programs and placed by licensed clinicians according to individual state guidelines.

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The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method ("TSM") is a safe, affordable, and clinically effective treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder ("AUD") that allows our patients to slowly and predictably reduce their alcohol consumption.

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Help Us Make a Difference

With The Collective Change

When you donate money to a charitable cause, do you know where your money goes? Explore Health supports Collective Change, and here’s why!

Let’s say that you make a donation of $15 per year. Each month, $1 of your money goes to a rotating charitable cause, and you get to vote on where you think the money should go. You will be given the opportunity to vote between 3 charitable causes each month, log in to your Collective Change account, and pick your favorite cause — it’s that easy! At the end of each month, you will find out which cause won the majority vote based on its members.

Currently, Collective Change is focused on local causes in the greater Phoenix & Scottsdale Metro Area, but as their community grows, they will expand into more cities, more states, more countries and, one day, even more planets that we can’t wait to help!

We combined forces to make a revolutionary crowdfunding program for charities, which exists because of generous donations of about a dollar per month. Will you join us and make a difference?

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Coming Soon: We plan to hold an annual Discs over Drugs Golf Tournament, in 2020; details will follow.